Timbis Beach Bali, The hidden gem in South Bali

Timbis Beach Bali

Timbis Beach Bali, The name may not very popular, It is located below a very natural coastal cliff left in southern Bali. Hearing its name may be very strange for some people / tourists about this beach.

Timbis beach is not as famous as Kuta beach or Pandawa beach. But if you want to enjoy a natural beach, quiet, white sand and not touristy, then Timbis beach is the place you can put on your wish list for Bali holiday.

Timbis Beach was once a beach used by local people for seaweed cultivation in the 90s until the 2000s. But Many seaweed farmers nowadays are vacuuming and turning to open a shop selling drinks and foods

Timbis Beach Bali Map and Location

Located in Kutuh Village, South Kuta, Badung Regency. Timbis Beach can be accessed via the pandawa beach or the coast of Gunung Payung. Suggested entering through the Pandawa beach if you don’t want to climb / down the cliffs.

Go down the road from the ticket window to past the five statue of the Pandawa statue. Until the last statue goes straight to the parking lot. To reach Timbis Beach, you have to walk again from the parking lot for about 10 minutes through the shoreline. Timbis beach not visible from the Pandawa coast because blocked by a cliff jutting into the sea.

Timbis Beach located between Pandawa Beach and Gunung Payung Beach, A beach that has a wide sand landscape. About 500 meters costline with white sand, Timbis beach is a beach that is worthy of being a holiday reference. To enjoy the beautiful sea, natural cave and place calm for various activities such as taking pictures, swimming and sunbathing.

What to expect to do at Timbis Beach?

On the top cliff of Timbis Beach, There are Bali Paragliding Tours operated. You may seen many parachute above your head during This beach. Since the beach is not crowded and consider empty beach, It is a good place to relax and sunburning. Without worrying anyone disturb you. Taking some photographs, Swimmig and sunburning is the things you can do.

Important notice for safety reasons

For safety reason, Visitors are expected to visit this beach during the low tide. Where the access to beach will be opened and safe from the wave crashing the rock. And make sure to leave the beach before the tide is high, Otherwise you may get trapped on the beach.

Timbis Beach Bali
Paragliding above Timbis Beach

To find out the tides can use the benchmark full moon or dead moon. When the full moon and the dead month the best time to visit is from 2pm to 6pm. Or please check the tide and low tide schedules before visiting Timbis beach.

Timbis Beach from the to cliff

No shops or place selling any foods available on this beach, You may need to bring bottled water or snacks. Make sure also prepare yourself with sunblock, The Sun is quite hot during the day.


Timbis Beach is currently open for public access via Pandawa Beach. Another choice for a nice, clean and white sandy beach to chill out. it is awesome and beautifull