Bali Paragliding Tours

Tandem Paragliding Tours in Bali


Bali paragliding tours, Paragliding tandem tours in Bali with local paragliding pilot. Fly as a passenger, exploring the beauty of Bali's southern cliff ridge and hidden coast facing to the Hindian ocean. Fly freely like a bird, with and easy steps, Take a seats on the harness and take off smoothly and gentle. it is totally hands free, allowed you to carry action camera during the entire flight. Enjoy your 15 minutes paragliding tandem flight with our team, capture your greatest moment from the sky, soaring above the amazing beach. Bali paragliding tandem tours is dedicated for anyone who love adventure and brand new activities in Bali. available for anyone and any ages.  bali paragliding tours bali paragliding toursFly at Timbis Bali paragliding site, The first and the only best paragliding flying sites in Bali, Fly along the longest flying line with more beautiful cliff ridge and ocean view, Timbis paragliding flying site offers both safety and comfortable flying, supported with local paragliding pilot who is experience in tandem paragliding from 1995. All paragliding gears are international standard, annually renewed for safety and comfortability during the Bali paragliding tours.

Fly and soaring above the amazing cliff and blue ocean

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