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Welcome to Bali Paragliding Tours

Bali Paragliding tours offer an extraordinary Tandem paragliding tour in Bali with professional paragliding pilot since 1990. Bali’s first and the only best and safe  flying site at Gunung Payung and bukit Timbis Paragliding site

Fly and soar above the hidden beach and cliff in the southern end of Bali, Flight goes easy, comfortable, and hands free without  any skill required. Just take your seat in the comfortable harness and start witnessing the beautiful view of amazing Beach from the height. 

All paragliding equipment supplied with international standards, yearly renewed for comfort and safety flight, piloted with fully experienced local Bali paragliding tandem pilot

Bali Paragliding Reviews

I loved dealing with this company,simple & very professional. I contacted them via watsapp,selected pick up appointment from my hotel , they sent me a shuttle to the spot...no queues I did my 15 min flying and back to the hotel. I REAALLY RECOMMEND IT.....

Bali Paragliding

About Bali Paragliding Tours
Bali Paragliding Tours is the recreational and competitive adventure sport in Bali. foot-launched glider aircraft with no motor or engine. The pilot sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing, jumped from the southern Bali’s cliff and soaring along the cliff ridge

Bali Paragliding Tandem tours
Fly as a passenger, front seat in a comfortable harness, pilot control everything, your hand is free and no skill or pre introduction needed. Everyone are welcomed, available for kids above 5 years old, has no disease background. Body weight maximum is 110-120 kg, the more weight the more stronger wind speed needed.

Bali Paragliding tours price
Price for Bali Paragliding tours may not cheap, as it comes with expensive equipment and professional pilot and flight porter. The safety is priority and comfortable equipment is yearly renewed and gears are in international quality. It cost you from USD. 110/person (IDR. 1.500.000) include hotel transfer (for certain area location). Photo and video footage is included during the flight and enjoy a 15 minutes Paragliding tours with Bali Paragliding team pilot

Bali Paragliding tours season availability and working hours
Activities for Paragliding in Bali is depending on weather conditions, wind speed and the most important is wind direction. The flying site is located in the southern Bali’s cliff, jumped from the top cliff about 80 meter high and fly along the cliff side above the sea. April to December has more opportunities to fly Paragliding activities, January to March may still available but it might not daily depending on weather and wind conditions. Please contact for update information and further details. Working hours is 10 to 6pm daily

Bali Paragliding Sites map and location

Bali paragliding tours is start from Timbis flying site and gunung payung paragliding site, launch and landing location is depending on winds condition and direction on due date. Flying site location from ubud is 2 Hours, 1 hours from seminyak or kuta and only 20 minutes from jimbaran, uluwatu and Nusa Dua area Please contact us for the update information.

Gununung Payung Bali Paragliding Sites

Timbis Bali Paragliding Sites