Frequently Asked Question

Before You Go

Tandem paragliding is mean that ou will fly together with Paragliding pilot, You will be a passenger sits in front of the pilot with different harnes (Seats)

Everyone is welcomed, This activities is family friendly. Year range is from 5-60 years old.

To join this activity maximum weight allowed is 110KG. The more weight the more stronger wind speed required.

It is very safe activities, Our pilot is fully experienced and certified. Been doing tandem paragliding from 1995- present

This tandem activities is not allowed you to fly together with your partner in the same glider for safety purpose. But you may request flying side by side at the same time. Except for young kids, can fly with their parents.


No specific clothes required to wear. The activities start and ends with smooth and simple process. Shoe is preferred but not necessary


Pre booking is recommended, For last minute booking for activities in the same day, Recommended to book via Whatsapp for fast response.

For online booking directly All package is inlcude inflight photo/video documentation. Hotel transfer is available on our product selection you chose.

We recommended to book directly online or chat us via WhatsApp messenger 

  • Online Booking, Visit out product page here
  • Online Booking via whatsapp Here

For online booking, you can pay directly via this website. We use Paypal Payment gateway, which is all the payment is processed by Paypal. (Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and etc) You may opt to pay onsite as well. Visa and Mastercard is available for onsite payment.