Online Booking

To book online, Navigate to each product or activities you preferred, From each product page, Scroll down and fill the reservation form. If you have more than 1 person, you can change the QTY box with number of the participants. Then Click “BOOK NOW” Botton. You will be redirected to check out page to complete the payment. Once payment completed, System will send you your booking sumarry to your email addres provided. (Be sure that your email address is correct).

After you complete the reservation, We will send email confirmation including the Booking summary and location. To redeem your reservation, Go to the location specified and show your reservation summary or your name to the staff at the office.

To reschedule or cancel your reservation, Reply to our confirmation email and mention your reschedule or cancellation reason. We will update your reservation details on our side immediately.

Have a gift card? You need to redeem your gift card online before you come. To redeem online, Go to our product page, choose the product and fill the reservation details, Then click “BOOK NOW” Button, You will be redirected to checkout page. On top of the checkout page, You will be asked “Have a gift card?” You can click on it and enter your gift card code to apply the unique code. then fill all the form and “Place Order” We will send you reservation summary and instructions for location after we received your reservation.

General Informations

The Paragliding activities is simple and tyhere is no specific Dress code needed, You can wear simple clothes (Tshirt and short) Sport shoe is recommended but not compulsory, You can still fly in barefoot.

Available time slot can be seen on each product page, You can select the time to suit your needs.

Paragliding activities availability is depends on weather and wind direction, We use Weather forecast to detemine the flight availabily, This website is updated daily to make sure the information is up to date. We will put update if the activities is closed or fully booked.

Original price was: $70.Current price is: $35.
Original price was: $70.Current price is: $45.
Original price was: $40.Current price is: $25.