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Canggu In Bali, Map location and Things to do

Canggu In Bali, Is the next raising place for holiday in Bali. A small village in northern Kuta, Located right just after the busy tourist spot of Kuta and Seminyak. Canggu is the favorite place for the Hipsters and Surfers. This villages has a great combination of rice paddy field and dark colored long beach […]

Bali Resorts Sky view during Tandem Paragliding

paragliding bali uluwatu

Flying above the Luxury Bali resorts, Hotel and villa during Tandem Paragliding in Bali. Explore the most luxury resorts on the cliff side with infinity pools facing to the ocean. This is the most luxurious resort in Bali you can see from the sky. This below resort is a perfect place for Wedding Party, Honey […]