Bali Paragliding ticket pass With photo/ Video footage (15 Mts)

$110.00 $90.00

Your early Paragliding ticket pass to avoid you waiting the flight line and get the priority services. Fly with Tandem paragliding master in Bali and start experiencing an amazing moment from the air.

No Special requirement needed, No dress code and its is safe

  • Get priority flight without queuing, Flexible flight timing
  • 15 Minutes tandem Paragliding
  • Includes Gopro (in-flight Photo / Video)



Reservation Details



Bali Paragliding tickets, Book your ticket in advance for the flight priority and set your arrival time for the flight. We are often busy, Book your Tickets early for the best experience.

This Paragliding Booking includes the following services (Online Booking Only):

  • Get priority flight without queuing, Flexible flight timing
  • 15 Minutes tandem Paragliding
  • Includes Gopro (in-flight Photo/ Video) and free SD Card
  • Certificate of Experience

Pre book and hold the flight space without worrying the queue number to get the chance to fly, Book your ticket pass online and you will be served as priority customer. We are often busy and it may take your time to queue for your flight started.

By book online, We will send confirmation voucher instantly and you may arrive any time during the opening hours (1PM-5PM) this option will be NOT including pick up and return service, But for the compensation we will offer lower rate and all inclusive flight photo and video record with given SD Card.

The Benefit of this Ticket Pass:

  • Lower rate
  • You will get instant ticket confirmation in less than 1 minutes after you place the order, it will comes to your mailbox, You may also check Spam older in case mail is not in your mailbox.
  • You can chose to pay Cash on site or you can settle all via online payment ( Visa/Mastercard)
  • You can set the arrival time as you requested during the opening hours, please note: The latest time to arrive to our flying site is 5PM.
  • Your ticket will be open ticket, in case you can arrive on the voucher date, you can Contact our customer support via whatsapp or direct call to change your arrival date.

How to redeem your Bali paragliding ticket?

  • You can show your mail confirmation to our Registration counter, No printed voucher required, our staff will capture it directly from your phone.


This price will be only valid for confirmed booking only.