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Nusa Dua Bali Paragliding, Fly above the sea

Planning your stay in Nusa Dua, South Bali? Looking for memorable things to do around Nusa Dua, Then Tandem Paragliding Over Nusa dua in the southern cliff is your bucket list. This is the Best and perfect place for paragliding in Bali. Here is everything you need to know about Nusa Dua Bali Paragliding. The best things in the town.

Bali Paragliding tours

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About Nusa dua Bali

Known for its best swimming beach, Five stars resorts, Bali water sports center and its peaceful surrounding with peaceful stay. Nusa Dua is only 20 Minutes away from the international Airport.

The Southern part of Nusa Dua, Known as the Bukit Peninsula the highland with multiple secret beaches behind the cliff. On the top of the cliff, It is a perfect place for Paragliding activities in Bali known as Timbis flying site, The first and the most secure place for paragliding activities.

Nusa Dua Bali Paragliding

Opened since 1995, Nusa Dua paragliding at Timbis flying site is the first the best paragliding site with long flying line and multiple lesser known or secluded beach. Let say Timbis Beach, Gunung Payung Beach, Pandawa Beach and Melasti Beach are the beaches you can explore in Bali with Tandem Paragliding.

If you are looking for amazing and unique experience in Bali, Fly Tandem paragliding with tandem pilot can be the options t fill your memorable holida in Bali.

To join the tandem paragliding flight is easy without any instructions to follow, No dress code required, No Advance skill needed. Just take you seat and the pilot will bring you to the sky with amazing blue ocean view from the air.

Nusa Dua Flying Site and Map location

There are 2 main spot or Flying site in Bali for paragliding take off point. the location may changed depending on wind directions on the due date. There are Gunung Payung flying site or Sawangan site, Located in the country side of south nusa Dua.

Gunung payung flying site normally available after the ending of Rain season in Bali from April, May, June and July. Where the winter in Australia make the winds blowing from the south east.

While the other called Timbis flying site, located above the famous Pandawa beach and Timbis Beach Bali, The kept secret beach and hidden gem behind the cliff on the south. This flying site is best for tandem paragliding during August to January where the wind are mostly blowing from the south and south west.

Nusa Dua Bali Paragliding Price and Booking

Getting ready to get high in the sky? Start exploring the extraordinary tours with breathtaking view combine with adrenaline rushing. Booking Paragliding in Bali is just in a few step. chose your below activities

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Uluwatu Bali Paragliding – Fly over Nyang Nyang Beach

uluwatu bali paragliding

Paragliding in Bali an amazing things to experience an extraordinary tour from the sky with an easy step. Uluwatu Paragliding in Bali is one of the best place for tandem Paragliding with stunning view of NYANG NYANG Beach, cliff and ocean.


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About Uluwatu cliff

Uluwatu Bali Paragliding

Located within 45 Minutes to the south of the island, Uluwatu in Bali, Famous for its surfing beach and luxury resort along the towering high Cliff facing to the ocean. This place are famous among the surfers, Since it has the best wave for surfing in Bali.

The area, Especially their beaches are located behind the high cliff, To access the beach you will need to follow the pathways and downstairs. With its approximately 100 meter high cliff, This place is suitable to do Tandem paragliding in Bali. Where allowing you to fly along the cliff side of Uluwatu area with its secluded beach, ocean and luxury resorts view from the air.

Tandem Paragliding in Bali at uluwatu

Uluwatu cliff tandem Paragliding Bali

Tandem paragliding over the cliff in Uluwatu gives you a thrilling sensation with bird eye view during the flight. The activities are available from kids above 5 years old and accompanied by professional paragliding pilot.

Paragliding activities start with smooth take off and landing, Paragliding pilot will bring you fly freely like a bird along the cliff side with amazing bird eye view. where you will be able to feels the sensations of smooth flight with secluded nyang nyang Beach view from the air.

The season availability for tandem paragliding in Uluwatu

Paragliding activities in Bali is depending on natural wind speed and need stable wind condition. Best month for tandem paragliding in Uluwatu cliff is from August to march, Where the winds are blowing from the south and west side.

The activities are best to be done in the afternoon time until before the sunset, From 1PM to 5PM. Since the activities are requiring perfect wind speed and wind directions, This activities will not available when its is rainy and the wind speed too low or too speedy. It is best, when the wind speed is between 15-25 KM/h wind speed for safety flight.

Uluwatu flying site Map location

The flying site in uluwatu for tandem paragliding is start from the secluded Nyang Nyang Beach, One of the best and less crowded beach in the south Bali. The flying site is located right above this beach.our flight will start from the tip of the cliff, Approximately in 100 meter high cliff.

Uluwatu Paragliding tours, Price and Booking

Uluwatu bali Paragiding tours price can be seen and booked below with instant booking and best rate offer. The activities will be from 10-15 minutes flying in the air with paragliding pilot. Including FREE action camera to record your flight footage for your documentation. Insurance and safety gears are also included.

Is there any body weight limit to join Tandem Paragliding in Bali?

There is weight limit to join this activities, The maximum weight allowed is under 110Kg. The more the weight of the passenger, The more speedy wind needed.

How High we can fly during the tandem Paragliding in Bali?

You will fly approximately 150 – 200 meter from the sea level, Depending on passenger weight and wind speed during the day.

Do we need to book in advance?

Pre booking is required to join tandem paragliding in Uluwatu cliff due to the activity is weather dependent. Booking can be made online or via WhatsApp mesenger

Photo Gallery

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Bali water sports at Nusa Dua, Bali’s most fun things to do

flyboard bali

Looking for fun things to do in Bali? Play on the Beach with water sports activities at Nusa Dua in the south of Bali may become things to consider. From Tandem Parasailing, Sea Walker and Fly boarding is a few of the Best Water sports activities you can chose to to at Nusa Dua Bali. Here You are All the available Bali water sport activities


Bali Parasailing Tour, The most popular water sport at Nusa Dua

Tandem Parasailing in Bali

Tandem Parasailing at Nusa Dua Beach in Bali is the most interesting water sports activities you may consider to do. Parasailing or para-kiting is an adventure activities where will allow you to fly above the sea, Being started from the boat with special designed hydraulic system, This kind of activities can be don up to 3 people at the same time. As long as the accumulative weight of the passenger is not more than 200 kg in total.

This activities is easy to to and totally hands free, You may bring your own action camera and enjoy the entire 5-6 Minutes flying high with your partner or kids. Exploring the sea from 50-60 meter high with Blue ocean view.

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Family Friendly water sports Activities at Nusa Dua Bali with Banana Boat ride

banana boat water sport bali

If you want to get a challenging activities with your kids, Banana Boat ride is the best option for water sports activities in Bali. The huge Banana shaped inflatable rubber boat ride, Pulled with speedy boat exploring around the beach of Nusa Dua. Available from kid above 5 years old, The boat will ride away to the middle of the sea for about 15 minutes fun ride.

Go Fast with Jet ski ride at Nusa Dua Beach Bali

Bali water sport package

Ridding A jet ski or water scooter is letting you explore the sea at Nusa dua, You can ride the Jet ski as fast as you want and doing any Maneuver around the Beach. Test your adrenaline rushing with 760 CC powered Jet ski. The activities last for 15 Minutes and available for Kid (Accompanied by their parent or Instructor)

Flying Fish, The most challenging water sports activities at Nusa Dua Bali

Flying Fish Bali water sport

Flying Fish is Bali’s most challenging and adventurous water sport activities at Nusa Dua Beach. A mattress shaped inflatable rubber boat attached into a powerful and speed boat. Passengers are lying backwards and accompanied by instructor in the middle to control the Balance. The Speed boat then start going fast and faster until the rubber boat flying Up to 10 meters high.

This activities available for the youth, 13 Years old and above. The duration is 2 rounds (flight) up to 10 minutes in total from start to finish. This flying fish water sports at Nusa Dua is adrenaline rushing and make you screaming loud.

Doughnut Tube ride, Bali’s most extreme Water sports

Bali water sport package

The challenging and fun and fast water slide powered by speedy boat. The activities for doughnut tube ride is ridding a round and doughnut shaped inflatable rubber boat with 2-4 people on it. The rubber boat attached to speed boat to give the power and manage the slide.

Best for Adrenaline junkies and thrill seeker. Not recommended for young kinds below 12 Years. The ride duration is 15 Minutes. Get fun and scream loudly

Fly Board in Bali, A brand new water sports activities

flyboard bali

A brand new water sport activity at Nusa Dua Beach, Bali Fly board is like a skate board or wake board attached to the Jet ski with a special hose for the water force which allow the rider fly and accelerate above the sea.

This brand new Bali water sport activities is suitable for both youth and adult. Professional flyboard instructor will assist you to handle this device at the beginning. It will take a while to be able to ride the device. You may also chose to do tandem flyboarding if you having dificulties to handle the balance.

Good for kids (Tandem) and adult who looking for exciting water sport activities in Bali. The activities duration up to 20 Minutes.

Sea Walker, Water Sports at Nusa dua Bali for under water explorations

Bali water sport package
Sea Walker

Sea Walker in Bali let you go down and explore the bottom sea living. Meet and feed the fishes while enjoying the colorful coral reef with an easy step. No specific requirement needed, Swimming skill is not necessary too.

It using a special waterproof equipment connected to Oxygen tank to enable you breathing under the water. This activities will start in the middle of the sea, Approximately 6-7 Meter under the water surface.

Being accompanied by Sea walker instructor to lead your under water walk experience for safety. This activities is good for youth and adult. The experience duration up to 30-40 minutes.

Bali introductory Scuba Diving

scuba diving bali

Scuba diving is another water sport activity you can do in Bali. Bali is known for best destination for Scuba Diving. What if you haven’t got any experience before?. At Nusa dua Beach, you can do Introductory scuba diving experience even tough you never done it before.

It will takes place in the middle of the sea by boat, A professional dive master who will teach you the step by step of diving. It will be 5-6 meter dive experience. Recommended for youth and adult.

Snorkeling in Bali at Nusa Dua Beach

snorkeling in Bali

Beside of Sea walker or Scuba Diving, Snorkeling is another way to explore the bottom life of Nusa dua beach. This kind of water sport is let you swim in the middle of the sea while feeding the fishes.

A fisherman boat will escort you to the snorkeling point, All equipment is supplied. This activities available from kids to adult. No swimming skill required, Live vest is provided.

Turtle island tour by transparent Boat

turtle island tour

Meet the turtle is the sanctuary, located in the hidden area in Northen nusa dua beach, Known as Tanjung Benoa Beach. Known as a place for turtle conservation. To get to this turtle farm, You will need a special boat called Glass Bottom Boat. A transparent deck boat where allow you to see the under water view directly from the boat.

Best Bali Water Sport Package in Bali to Book

Here below is the best Activities for water sport activities in Bali. All inclusive package with Hotel transfer and Meals.

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Canggu In Bali, Map location and Things to do

Canggu In Bali, Is the next raising place for holiday in Bali. A small village in northern Kuta, Located right just after the busy tourist spot of Kuta and Seminyak. Canggu is the favorite place for the Hipsters and Surfers. This villages has a great combination of rice paddy field and dark colored long beach lines.

Map and Location

Canggu is located Between Seminyak and Tanah lot temple, The most popular temple in the sea and the land mark of Bali Tourism. This Village is within 40 Minutes drive from Bali international Airport. Located in the Northen district of Kuta, Canggu is an ideal place to stay. Here below the Canggu Map in Bali island.

If you drive from the air port or from the south of Bali, You will pass Kuta, Seminyak and Batu Belig. The traffic may getting slow during the late afternoon due to work shift transition. While if you acces from Ubud center it will takes 1 Hour drive.

Things to do and See in Canggu Bali

There are lots of thing you can do in Canggu, This village has approximately 8-10 Km wide Beach. The beach from the east is brownish colored, While the western side is getting Darken. Beside of Beaches, You can also explore the rice paddy field. You can walk along the village streets and meet the farmers. This is the closest rice farm you can see from the town.

canggu in Bali

Other than That, Canggu also hosted with restaurants with good foods, Cafes and Beach clubs also the shopping Places along the main streets.

Beach in Canggu Bali

There are some Beaches you can see in Canggu, Their beaches are connecting to each other, So the best way to enjoy these beaches is from the Coastline. Here is the Beaches in Canggu you can explore:

Berawa Beach

This Beach is the most popular among the surfers due to the big waves. from this beach you can see the white sand beach of Seminyak, They are connected. The best way to spend the day is relaxing by the beach with ocean view. while enjoy your great foods along the beach side cafe. Berawa beach Canggu Map clik Here

Canggu Beach

Announced as the world Best Beach in 2013 on CNN, Canggu is rated No 39 from the 100 Beaches. To find this beach you will pass by the rice paddy field on both side towards to the Beach. The beach has dark color sand and become the surfer choice.

Echo Beach or Pantai Batu Mejan

Locally literate Pantai Batu Mejan, Currently popular with Echo Beach. This name is popular to named the beach After the Echo Beach House built here. Located next to Canggu Beach, This Beach is a connecting line with seminyak and legian Beach. The sand is flat with brownish color. Here you can see the sunset while having the foods.

Batu Bolong Beach

The Name is taken from the Hindu temple on this Beach, Batu Bolong Temple is located exactly on the beach side.When there is ceremonial or festival, You may able to see the ritual on this Temple. This beach also the perfect place for the surfer because of its huge waves. Other thhing you can do here is Sun bathing, Enjoy the beach while waiting for sunset.

Nelayan Beach / Fisherman Beach

As its Name, This beach is where you can get the fresh seafood like fishes, lobsters, Crab, Prawn etc. Located in Between Berawa beach and Batu Bolong Beach. This beach is the place for local fisherman port. That is way you will see many fisherman boat here. Also you see the sunset and enjoy the food from beach side cafe on this Beach

Pererenan Beach

This beach is quite empty, You may find many surfer visiting this beach. This place you can spend if you want to stay quite and relaxing. There are not so Many people visiting this Black colored beach and rocky view. Perfect if you want to stay relax while sun burning on the beach side. Sunset also you can wait to see here

Seseh Beach

This Beach has wide and Black sandy Beach, Quite and some may do surf and kite surfing at this beach. Access to this beach you will also passing the rice paddy field. You can stay here while having foods or cold drink and enjoy the sunset.

Mengening Beach

This is the western side of Canggu Beach, This Beach is nearby from the famous Bali temple, Tanah Lot Temple. Like the rest of the other beach, This place has similar Black and rocky view Beach. Entering this beach you will passing by the Rice paddy field on the both side. You may take a stop for a Photo shot or two.

Enjoy The Beach clubs in Canggu Bali

There are famous beach club near canggu you can visit to enjoy the food, Drink with music while enjoy Beach.

La Laguna Beach Club

The unique style of beach club with private caravan building as the VIP room. This Beach club is accessible from Berawa Beach with the nicely decorated bridge. This bridge is the icon of this beach club. They also have The market called Gypsy market selling organic product from clothes, foods, herbs, Coffee. More detail visit their website for update.

Finns Beach club

Formerly located in south Nusa dua, Then moved to canggu, Finns Beach is one of the Beach side club you can visit. They have the Bamboo style building with pools, Lounge just in front of the Beach. Visit their website for further info and update

Cafe del Mar Canggu Bali

The Latest luxury Cafe in Canggu Bali, The famous Ibiza style Beach club is opened in Canggu. This beach club in Canggu has large pools, While enjoy the best foods in drink while enjoying the iconic music of this Cafe. visit their website for reservation and up to date event.

Paragliding in Bali From Canggu

Tandem Paragliding in Bali is things to do near Canggu, It is located approximately 1 Hours drive to get to the paragliding sites. You can travel to the southern part of Bali and enjoy the amazing white sandy beach from the sky with Paragliding pilot.

Find more about paragliding Bali

Where to stay in Canggu?

Here you can expect to stay with peaceful surrounding, Such a good place to relax and enjoy the quite surrounding. it is easy access to the Beach, Walking distance to the nice cafe, Shopping area. While in the late afternoon you can visit the beach and wait for sunset.

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Bali Resorts Sky view during Tandem Paragliding

paragliding bali uluwatu

Flying above the Luxury Bali resorts, Hotel and villa during Tandem Paragliding in Bali. Explore the most luxury resorts on the cliff side with infinity pools facing to the ocean. This is the most luxurious resort in Bali you can see from the sky.

This below resort is a perfect place for Wedding Party, Honey moon in Bali and Family with luxury facilities. Click each image for further details

The Apurva Kempinski Bali

The Ritz-Carlton Bali

Samabe Bali suites and Villas

The Asmara Nusa Dua

Pandawa Cliff Estate

Karang Saujana Estate

Sohamsa Ocean Estate

Indigo Dream Villa

Nagasutra Villa

The Hotman Paris VI Villa, Pandawa

Banyan Tree Bali

Karma Kandara

The Ungasan cliff top Resort

Alila Villas Uluwatu

Six Senses Uluwatu Bali

The Edge Uluwatu Bali

Bulgari Resort Bali

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The Best Beaches in Bali you will see during the Paragliding tour

paragliding bali

Quite Beaches in Bali, List of the lesser known Beach you will see during the paragliding Tours in Bali. These Beaches you will explore during the flight with amazing sky view point. These Beaches are less known and rarely visited in Bali.

The Best Beaches In Bali Table of Contents

Timbis Beach, The Best for Beach hopper

Timbis Beach Bali, This beach you will see first when you start flying, Above this Beach, The paragliding flying site. Where Take off and landing will be start above this cliff.

Timbis Beach bali
Timbis Beach from the top cliff

This Beach is almost empty every day, There might got 1 or 2 couples come to visit this beach. It may because there are no direct entrance to go to this beach by vehicles. You will need to access this beach from Pandawa Beach by walking for another 10 Minutes from the pandawa’s Parking lot.

Timbis Beach Map and way get there

To get to this beach, there are 2 options, You can access via Pandawa Beach or Via Gunung Payung Beach. Access via Pandawa Beach is way better and closer, But this will be accessible when the tide is low. Since the Jutting cliff will be covered by waves during the high Tide.

Alternatively, If there is high tide, you may Hire a traditional fisherman boat to escort you to Timbis Beach. This will be more safe since you will be accompanied by local people who understand and know about the beach very well. Here is a Tour you can check for Timbis beach tour by Boat.

Timbis Beach
Timbis Beach

This Beach has approximately a 500 meter length coast line with white and natural sands. The beach almost empty all day, This is the best beach to visit if you are looking for non touristy beach in Bali.

Pandawa Beach, Best for Family and swimming

Pandawa Beach may very popular and most visited beach in Bali. During the paragliding, This beach also you will see from the Sky. It may looks very touristy beach with many visitor every day. But it will be busy in the center area. However, This beach is worth a visit and still consider the quite beach if you go the last end both right or left side of the beach.

Pandawa Beach
Pandawa Beach from the sky

Pandawa Beach is a long Beach, approximately 1 Km coastline length. The most quite part of this beach is at the end of both side. The best part is on the left side from the way you enter the beach.

Way To get this less crowd Pandawa Beach and Map

To get this Beach, you can enter the road to Pandawa Beach, from the main entrance you will need to pay the entrance fee for pandawa Beach. It cost you IDR. 15.000/Person + IDR 5.000 for Bike or car park fee. After passing the ticket gates you will drive down between the cliff with rows of Panca Pandawa’s Statue.

At the end of the statue you will meet the junction, You need to go straight until the end of the road. you can park your vehicles at the small parking lot and start walk down to the beach within a second.

Timbis Beach Bali
The edge of Pandawa Beach

At this point will be less people, You can hire a canoe, Lounge chair while enjoying a fresh coconut drink you can get from the local stalls along the beach side.

Green Bowl Beach, The best small Beach

Next to Pandawa Beach, There is another small beach called Green Bowl Beach you will see during the paragliding tours. The name of green bowl is named by the surfers. The shape is like a bowl with clear and green colored crystal water. This beach is famous among the surfers.

green bowl beach
Green Bowl Beach

Way to get Green Bowl Beach and Map

This beach is located a few Kilometers from Pandawa Beach, Located in the neighbor of Kutuh village called Ungasan Village. To get to this beach, you will need extra effort, Need to walk down trough the stairs for about 5-10 Minutes walk down following the steps.

Green Bowl during the low tide

If you want more convenient and avoid to walk down or up trough the steps, You can get a Fisherman Boat charter with multiple hidden and quite beach visit including this beautiful Green bowl Beach. You can chose below tours for the Booking.

Karma Beach, The Best with Beach club

Another few kilometer drive from green bowl Beach is another small beach you can see from the top during the paragliding tours. The Beach name is because of located in the bottom of Karma Resort, One of the cliff side resort in the south Bali. There also a famous Sunday Beach club, Formerly Finns Beach Club.

Karma Beach
Sunday beach club in Bird eye view

Way To Get this Beach and Map

To get to this beach you have to go to Karma resorts, The entrance fee may apply for this beach visit. There are beach club available at the bottom of the resort called Karma beach club. Where you can enjoy the sunshine and drinks.

Melasti Beach Ungasan, The Best for Photography

Quite Beach in Bali, Melasti beach currently massively developed for the village tourist destination in Ungasan Village, South Bali. Pandawa Beach is success in developing and support the local economic from the Bali Tourism industry, Melasti cliff is start become the competitor of Pandawa Beach.

We can explore this Beach with its cliff view during the paragliding activities. This small Beach is mostly visited for Swim, But rather used for Pre wedding photography or Video Shot. Here also become a nice view point to see Sunset from the top of the cliff.

Nyang Nyang Beach, The best quite Beach

Located in the South west side of Bali island, This beach is just before the famous Uluwatu Temple, The temple at the tip of the cliff. This Beach has another Long coastline white sand beach which is still natural. Paragliding view point from this point is awesome and Nice, To get to flying to this Beach you may need to Book 30 Minutes tandem paragliding

Gunung Payung Beach

Sawangan Beach

Bali Paragliding tours

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Paragliding in Bali, Know before you go

paragliding Bali

Bali Paragliding is suitable for adventurous person, You may chose paragliding activity become the choice you can do in Bali. Paragliding in Bali is established from 1990 by French traveler who travel to the southern end of Bali known as Timbis Beach.

Paragliding, Sky diving or Parasailing? What is the difference?

There are many type of parachuting activities such as parasailing, sky diving, kite surfing, hang gliding etc. Bali Paragliding and parasailing is available to do, But there are no sky diving company yet.

PARASAILING is a parachuting activities where parachute is attached to a person or two. Parachute then connected to a vehicle (Boat) with a long string. Parasailing in Bali is a part of popular water sport activities which is centered in northern side of Nusa Dua

PARAGLIDING is another parachuting activities where you can join a flight with paragliding pilot. Activities is start from the cliff side approximately 75 meter high cliff. The activities is totally depending on wind direction and wind strength.

SKY DIVING is a parachuting activities, where each participant will carry a parachute and then free fall from a plane. Unfortunately currently there are no company provide Sky diving in Bali.

Tandem paragliding in Bali

Tandem paragliding means participant will fly as a passenger with paragliding pilot. So it will be 2 person in the parachute (Glider/Paraglider wings). In this case paragliding pilot will fly together with a passenger in a separated seat (Harness).

Before flying, you will be equipped with Harness, Helmet and additional action camera for the photo and video footage. You can book tandem Tickets online for all inclusive package including hotel transfer.

There will be no important notice or briefing to join this flight. You will just take the front seats, enjoy the bird eye view of Beach and cliff. The whole thing will be the duty of the pilot. It is totally hands free, you may bring your own camera or mobile phone for another photo shot during the flight.

Paragliding pilot will control the parachute and will fly along the cliff side. Passenger is not allowed to control the glider, but you may being asked if you want more manuver. Like swing and spiral movement during the flight for more adrenaline rushing.

Bali Paragliding site map location and location, How to get there?

Bali paragliding sites is located in the south end of Bali island. TIMBIS flying site located at the cliff side of Kutuh village in the southern part of Nusa dua. It is located only 20 minutes from the center of Nusa dua, Jimbaran or Uluwatu. 30 minutes from the tourist center of Kuta, legian and Bali international airport. From Ubud center it will be taken 2 hour drive to the flying site.

Timbis Bali paragliding site, the first and safest flying site where most of the beginner pilot (Solo flight) doing the paragliding course in Bali. It safest site is because of the site has 2 landing option, top landing and beach landing. Beach landing is the option where the paragliding pilot missed the wind strength during the flight.

The second paragliding site is located a few kilometer from TIMBIS flying site, it is called GUNUNG PAYUNG Flying site. Located next to Gunung payung temple and Gunung Payung beach. This is the secondary flying site where if the wind is blowing straight from the east side.

Frequently asked question about paragliding in Bali.

  • Paragliding tour price in Bali start from US $ 80, Please visit our shop page for further details.
  • How high are we going to fly? It will be depending on the wind strength and passenger body weight, it will be between 100-150 meter high from the sea level
  • Can i fly with my partner together in a glider? No you will be fly with paragliding pilot (Tandem flight) for a couple can request fly side by side in a separated glider
  • Is the paragliding safe? the activities is safe and almost zero accident during the tandem flight, All pilot is fully experience and certified and all equipment is periodically renewed
  • Can kids join the flight? kids above 6 years old can join the flight
  • Is there any Body weight limit to join paragliding ? Maximum allowed body weight is 100-110 Kg Passenger weight, The more body weigh, the more wind strength required.
  • Is the Paragliding available every day? The paragliding activities is very sensitive with wind speed and wind direction, the higgest opportunity to fly is during the summer season (May to December)

Further information, please contact us!

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Bali Tandem Parasailing, Best way to fly together with your half/Family

Bali Parasailing

Bali Tandem Parasailing is a parachuting activities where allow you fly together with your half/Family. An Experience flying together with your half or kid at the same time in the sky. While witnessing Bird eye view of Nusa Dua Beach from the sky at the same time.

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Bali Tandem Parasailing
Tandem Parasailing

Beside of Tandem Paragliding, Where you fly with pilot, Parasailing let you fly together at the same time. Parasailing is one of the most popular water sport activities in Bali. No advance skill needed to join this activities, It is hands free and Family friendly.

Tandem Parasailing or Paragliding, What the difference?

Tandem Parasailing is parachuting activities in Bali, A part of water sport activities in Nusa Dua beach. Using Special boat with hydraulic System attached to the parachute while the passenger is connected to a parachute with a harness.

Tandem Paragliding start with Foot launched activities with fabric wings/Glider. During the operation, Paragliding pilot fly freely without any engine/Motor. It using the natural wind conditions. It will allow paragliding control the movement just like a driving.

bali paragliding
Tandem Paragliding

Tandem Parasailing Bali can load maximum 3 people at the same time, as long as the accumulative weight of passenger not exceed 200 KG in total, while Tandem Paragliding must fly with pilot. Means there will be 1 pilot and 1 passenger during the flight.

Parasailing ride can not manage the acceleration, fully controlled by speed boat movement, But Paragliding pilot can control and do manuver like swinging, Spiral movement or just smooth ridding.

Pros and cons

  • Parasailing can fly together with your half/Family (3 People) at same Time. Paragliding flight must fly with pilot
  • Parasailing focused more to give you bird eye view of the beach with smooth ridding, Paragliding give you more experience, Adrenaline rushing and adventurous with beach, cliff and ocean view.
  • Parasailing flight duration 5-6 minutes, Paragliding 15 minutes, Length of flight option available

Price and Tickets

To Book online with easy and quick booking with instant confirmation, You can book via this site, We create a water sport package including Parasailing with 3 different Activities. It comes with Sea walking, Flying fish and rolling doughnut.

Tandem Parasailing Map Location

Tandem Parasailing you can do at the northern side of Nusa Dua Beach, It is located in Tanjung Benoa Village. The only place for water sport activities in Bali. There will be many Boats, Jet ski operated by local operator.

It is easy access from any major tourist center like Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Nusa Dua or Uluwatu. Pick up and return service is provided by the company for water sport package booking.

Frequently Asked Question

Where is the Best water sport activities in Bali

Tanjung benoa beach is the only best place for playing water sports

What is the best water sport package to do in Bali?

Read: Best Bali water sport package

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Timbis Beach Bali, The hidden gem in South Bali

Timbis Beach Bali

Timbis Beach Bali, The name may not very popular, It is located below a very natural coastal cliff left in southern Bali. Hearing its name may be very strange for some people / tourists about this beach.

Timbis beach is not as famous as Kuta beach or Pandawa beach. But if you want to enjoy a natural beach, quiet, white sand and not touristy, then Timbis beach is the place you can put on your wish list for Bali holiday.

Timbis Beach was once a beach used by local people for seaweed cultivation in the 90s until the 2000s. But Many seaweed farmers nowadays are vacuuming and turning to open a shop selling drinks and foods

Timbis Beach Bali Map and Location

Located in Kutuh Village, South Kuta, Badung Regency. Timbis Beach can be accessed via the pandawa beach or the coast of Gunung Payung. Suggested entering through the Pandawa beach if you don’t want to climb / down the cliffs.

Go down the road from the ticket window to past the five statue of the Pandawa statue. Until the last statue goes straight to the parking lot. To reach Timbis Beach, you have to walk again from the parking lot for about 10 minutes through the shoreline. Timbis beach not visible from the Pandawa coast because blocked by a cliff jutting into the sea.

Timbis Beach located between Pandawa Beach and Gunung Payung Beach, A beach that has a wide sand landscape. About 500 meters costline with white sand, Timbis beach is a beach that is worthy of being a holiday reference. To enjoy the beautiful sea, natural cave and place calm for various activities such as taking pictures, swimming and sunbathing.

What to expect to do at Timbis Beach?

On the top cliff of Timbis Beach, There are Bali Paragliding Tours operated. You may seen many parachute above your head during This beach. Since the beach is not crowded and consider empty beach, It is a good place to relax and sunburning. Without worrying anyone disturb you. Taking some photographs, Swimmig and sunburning is the things you can do.

Important notice for safety reasons

For safety reason, Visitors are expected to visit this beach during the low tide. Where the access to beach will be opened and safe from the wave crashing the rock. And make sure to leave the beach before the tide is high, Otherwise you may get trapped on the beach.

Timbis Beach Bali
Paragliding above Timbis Beach

To find out the tides can use the benchmark full moon or dead moon. When the full moon and the dead month the best time to visit is from 2pm to 6pm. Or please check the tide and low tide schedules before visiting Timbis beach.

Timbis Beach from the to cliff

No shops or place selling any foods available on this beach, You may need to bring bottled water or snacks. Make sure also prepare yourself with sunblock, The Sun is quite hot during the day.


Timbis Beach is currently open for public access via Pandawa Beach. Another choice for a nice, clean and white sandy beach to chill out. it is awesome and beautifull