The Best Beaches in Bali you will see during the Paragliding tour

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Quite Beaches in Bali, List of the lesser known Beach you will see during the paragliding Tours in Bali. These Beaches you will explore during the flight with amazing sky view point. These Beaches are less known and rarely visited in Bali.

The Best Beaches In Bali Table of Contents

Timbis Beach, The Best for Beach hopper

Timbis Beach Bali, This beach you will see first when you start flying, Above this Beach, The paragliding flying site. Where Take off and landing will be start above this cliff.

Timbis Beach bali
Timbis Beach from the top cliff

This Beach is almost empty every day, There might got 1 or 2 couples come to visit this beach. It may because there are no direct entrance to go to this beach by vehicles. You will need to access this beach from Pandawa Beach by walking for another 10 Minutes from the pandawa’s Parking lot.

Timbis Beach Map and way get there

To get to this beach, there are 2 options, You can access via Pandawa Beach or Via Gunung Payung Beach. Access via Pandawa Beach is way better and closer, But this will be accessible when the tide is low. Since the Jutting cliff will be covered by waves during the high Tide.

Alternatively, If there is high tide, you may Hire a traditional fisherman boat to escort you to Timbis Beach. This will be more safe since you will be accompanied by local people who understand and know about the beach very well. Here is a Tour you can check for Timbis beach tour by Boat.

Timbis Beach
Timbis Beach

This Beach has approximately a 500 meter length coast line with white and natural sands. The beach almost empty all day, This is the best beach to visit if you are looking for non touristy beach in Bali.

Pandawa Beach, Best for Family and swimming

Pandawa Beach may very popular and most visited beach in Bali. During the paragliding, This beach also you will see from the Sky. It may looks very touristy beach with many visitor every day. But it will be busy in the center area. However, This beach is worth a visit and still consider the quite beach if you go the last end both right or left side of the beach.

Pandawa Beach
Pandawa Beach from the sky

Pandawa Beach is a long Beach, approximately 1 Km coastline length. The most quite part of this beach is at the end of both side. The best part is on the left side from the way you enter the beach.

Way To get this less crowd Pandawa Beach and Map

To get this Beach, you can enter the road to Pandawa Beach, from the main entrance you will need to pay the entrance fee for pandawa Beach. It cost you IDR. 15.000/Person + IDR 5.000 for Bike or car park fee. After passing the ticket gates you will drive down between the cliff with rows of Panca Pandawa’s Statue.

At the end of the statue you will meet the junction, You need to go straight until the end of the road. you can park your vehicles at the small parking lot and start walk down to the beach within a second.

Timbis Beach Bali
The edge of Pandawa Beach

At this point will be less people, You can hire a canoe, Lounge chair while enjoying a fresh coconut drink you can get from the local stalls along the beach side.

Green Bowl Beach, The best small Beach

Next to Pandawa Beach, There is another small beach called Green Bowl Beach you will see during the paragliding tours. The name of green bowl is named by the surfers. The shape is like a bowl with clear and green colored crystal water. This beach is famous among the surfers.

green bowl beach
Green Bowl Beach

Way to get Green Bowl Beach and Map

This beach is located a few Kilometers from Pandawa Beach, Located in the neighbor of Kutuh village called Ungasan Village. To get to this beach, you will need extra effort, Need to walk down trough the stairs for about 5-10 Minutes walk down following the steps.

Green Bowl during the low tide

If you want more convenient and avoid to walk down or up trough the steps, You can get a Fisherman Boat charter with multiple hidden and quite beach visit including this beautiful Green bowl Beach. You can chose below tours for the Booking.

Karma Beach, The Best with Beach club

Another few kilometer drive from green bowl Beach is another small beach you can see from the top during the paragliding tours. The Beach name is because of located in the bottom of Karma Resort, One of the cliff side resort in the south Bali. There also a famous Sunday Beach club, Formerly Finns Beach Club.

Karma Beach
Sunday beach club in Bird eye view

Way To Get this Beach and Map

To get to this beach you have to go to Karma resorts, The entrance fee may apply for this beach visit. There are beach club available at the bottom of the resort called Karma beach club. Where you can enjoy the sunshine and drinks.

Melasti Beach Ungasan, The Best for Photography

Quite Beach in Bali, Melasti beach currently massively developed for the village tourist destination in Ungasan Village, South Bali. Pandawa Beach is success in developing and support the local economic from the Bali Tourism industry, Melasti cliff is start become the competitor of Pandawa Beach.

We can explore this Beach with its cliff view during the paragliding activities. This small Beach is mostly visited for Swim, But rather used for Pre wedding photography or Video Shot. Here also become a nice view point to see Sunset from the top of the cliff.

Nyang Nyang Beach, The best quite Beach

Located in the South west side of Bali island, This beach is just before the famous Uluwatu Temple, The temple at the tip of the cliff. This Beach has another Long coastline white sand beach which is still natural. Paragliding view point from this point is awesome and Nice, To get to flying to this Beach you may need to Book 30 Minutes tandem paragliding

Gunung Payung Beach

Sawangan Beach

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