Paragliding in Bali is and adventure Sky sport where Pilot fly with fabric wing, Jump freely from the cliff side. Paragliding tours let you fly high to the sky with amazing and spectacular view. Experience The bird eye view of Beach, cliff and ocean while soaring and swing in the height.

Bali Paragliding Tandem Tours

Tandem Paragliding tours available since 1995 to present, Fly at Timbis flying site and Gunung Payung Flying site. Bali’s most secure and the first flying site with top and Beach landing area.

Paragliding Availability

Paragliding in Bali is a seasonal and available during the sunshine with enough wind speed. This activity require a stable wind condition from 20 – 28 KM/h Speeds for the best experience. Paragliding available during the summer season in Bali, Earliest is from April to Early December.

However it may still available During December to march, but it will be very low percentage of flight availability, During this period, wind will blowing too strong which is not suitable and dangerous to make a flight.

Bali Paragliding Tandem Price and How to Book

To join and experience the tandem paragliding with the master pilot, is start from US $ 80 – 110, The longer flight session the more expensive the price. To Book this experience you can do online booking directly from this site for direct price and additional service like Transportation and Documentation.

Flying Site and location

Located in the south end of Bali island, in the countryside of Kutuh Village Dusa Dua. Easy access from Main tourist center like Ubud, Seminyak, Kuta, Nusa Dua and Uluwatu.

Our paragliding flying site available in 2 Different places. Flying site location on due date is to be confirmed depending on wind condition and direction. Please Contact us for details

Timbis Flying site, Map and location

Timbis flying site is the first flying site in Bali, Introduced by a french travelers since 1990. This flying site is located in the cliff side above Pandawa Beach at Kutuh Village, South Nusa Dua.

Gunung Payung Flying Site

Gunung payung flying site located a few kilometers from Timbis flying site. It is another option for paragliding activities in Bali. We fly on this site when the wind direction is blowing from the east side.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is paragliding safe?

Tandem paragliding is safe, Our pilot is certified and have provide tandem paragliding with zero accident.

What is the Body weight for passenger?

During tandem paragliding, Maximum accumulative weight both pilot and passenger allowed 200-210 Kg. Means passenger weight maximum is 110kg.

Can kids Join Paragliding?

Yes, This activity is suitable from kids above 5 years to 65 years old. in case wind quite too strong, Kids will be accompanied by their parent. (pilot + Parent + Kid)

What happen if there is wind lost during the flight?

In Case wind speed suddenly down during the flight, Pilot will take landing at the beach side. You will be transported up to the flying based via vehicle.

How much to join paragliding in Bali and how to Book?

Price for paragliding depending on the option and length of flight itself. please visit our product page.
Booking is easy with online system with instant confirmation. for last minute booking, can be processed via whatsApp messenger